Hi, I am Álvaro Rodríguez. I have a bachelor’s degree in Communication from VIU University.
I’m specialised in marketing strategy and branding, business model, startups, technology and digital transformation. I’m always up to date, I attend trade fairs and I’m in continuous improvement. I’m a methodical, disciplined, multidisciplinary person with a high capacity for concentration. Besides communication, my other passions are rugby and playing drums.

At the moment my professional interests are in the area of media. Due to my skills I want to become a great TV host and communicator.

In this portfolio you can discover who I am, what I have done and why we should work together.

who i am

a little bit of me

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what i do

Here you will find an example of one of the text I have made

masterclass essay

I have taken Lucía Riaño’s masterclass into consideration, in this e-portfolio. I have adapted the message I want to communicate to the language and culture of the potential reader, to make it easier to read. To create the cover letter and the CV, I have taken into account Lucía’s advice about the need for continuous training, reinventing oneself and learning new skills. You have to know how to adapt to the needs of the moment. Sometimes, we will have to be multitasking and know how to do everything, in order to be able to work independently and autonomously. Other times, we will have to specialise in a specific field of our profession. 

It is necessary to integrate into the society in which we are living. Working in New York is not the same as working in London, even if you speak the same language. The culture and the way of doing things is different in each place. You have to be informed about the world around you, locally and globally. The internet and social media help us to stay connected. We can know what and who is trendy in every place and in every area of society.

Finally, I have added to my portfolio the advice that Lucía gave us about being brave and daring to propose and ask. We also have to know how to sell and value ourselves.