Marta García Rueda

Hello, I am Marta Garcia and I have been studying communication at Valencian International University since 2021. I have strong writing and creative writing skills. I have taken several courses and workshops in different companies in the publishing sector. I know the key elements of digital marketing and I have experience in leading social networks of companies.

Below you can see my professional experience in the communication sector and my academic studies.

Then you can find my abilities and one example of my work.

 Finally, my cover letter.


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To: grupo planeta 

to whom it may concern:

When I was little I believed that books cost a lot of money and I couldn’t afford them. Now I know it is not so. I want to be part of publishers like yours to make sure that no child grows up thinking the same thing.

I have seen your offer for interns in the communication department and I am the perfect candidate. I have followed your editorial line for more than four years. I know your important work to promote reading.

Together we can send powerful messages to the world. Let me be part of it. My desire, availability and commitment are total. I have collaborated as a community manager in non-profit foundations, where I have learned about corporate social responsibility.

I have also won poetry prizes and I have various training courses in the literary world.

I would love to have a meeting to get to know each other. I’m sure we can connect immediately.

For any questions do not hesitate to contact, I will be happy to answer all your questions:

Thanks you for your consideration 




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