Hello, I am Ferndo Páez López. I have a bachelor’s degree in Communication from VIU University. I’m specialised, in marketing communication and public image I’m always up to date, I attend trade fairs and I’m in continuous
improvement. I’m a methodical, disciplined, multidisciplinary person with a high capacity for concentration. Besides communication, my other passions are cinema and music. At the moment my professional interests are in the area of media and public image. Due to my skills I want to become in a profesional of the communication and public image.


Fernando Páez López



Lucia Riaño’s masterclass regarding her job experience in the United States, an English-speaking country,
helped me in the presentation of my CV, highlighting some aspects, in order to make it more attractive.

For example, she showed us that professionals are framed in another specialty format or
that certain aspects of communication are approached from other visions and fields.

Spanish communication experts are highly demanded for their training and versatility,
when they have to encompassing different roles that are not so typical of their trade or
what is expected of them.

The Spanish communicator is more engaged with the news, going off the pre-
established script. The English-speaking countries don’t like you give your opinion, get
out of the script or the editorial line you are working for. This is something to take into
account. Particularly, in my portfolio I have tried to hide that aspect, adapting myself
more to the preferences of what is expected of me or from a candidate of my profile.

Moreover, There is another aspect of the masterclass which was very helpful to me” the
tips for the implementation of the Cover Letter”. As she told us, we should emphasize
the style of application in which the Latino communicators could stand out and in which
the Anglo-Saxons are weaker. In this way, I could restructure my strengths and
weaknesses based on my interests and positioning.

Furthermore, It assisted me on the definition of my criterion on the search for job
vacancies, and in which ones I could have more success, if I was take into account for

an interview. In addition, it also helped me to see within this last group, and after an
interview, if a real contract could be formalized.

The sum of the ideas that the masterclass has given me for the orientation of the
curriculum and the cover letter, are a travelled path and pillars to successfully face the
real interview.